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Motor Data Solutions Ltd (MDS) is a privately owned company based in Sussex, specialising in the provision of MID services to the Motor Insurance industry

We are an authorised supplier to many insurers, and are registered with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) as Delegated Authority (DA) 060.
MDS was formed in 2001 and, having outgrown both the Bristol and subsequent London offices, has now settled in its new home in Haywards Heath.

We operate in three main areas:

  • As an updating service for larger fleets, primarily for vehicle leasing companies and brokers, allowing them to support any of their customers with any insurer. Our outsourced approach to automating and auditing these fleets allows our clients to avoid the need for any of their staff to update the MID
  • As a turnkey solution for insurers for the MID, including interactions with the MIB, a help desk for the policyholders, policy management, vehicle data collection and reporting, user management, compliance and reporting
  • As an interface to the MID for those agencies (MGA’s, brokers, sub brokers) which underwrite on behalf of UK and offshore risk carriers but where there is no full cycle EDI solution available. As part of this interface, MDS can also arrange to collect vehicle lists from Motor Traders, which can be managed by the traders using their mobile devices with appropriate reporting flowing to the agency

MDS has grown each year since its foundation and now processes over 6.25 million vehicle transactions annually, on behalf of more than 1.4m personal lines policyholders and over 125,000 fleet policyholders.

In 2016 we commenced supplying to the Irish MID (linked to the NFD and the Gardai ANPR systems).
During 2016, we introduced our rolling audit program which now checks data on the MID nightly to ensure that our customers’ data is correct.

During 2017, we completed upgrading all our processes and systems to support the new Mid Portal, a process which will continue for some time as insurers are migrated by the MIB.

Our systems are managed and maintained both in house and within secure data centres in Docklands. Also during 2017, we moved to a fully virtualised environment which allows us to offer seamless redundancy and zero downtime.

In 2018 our challenges are to implement the GDPR regulations fully, to continue to update and improve our systems and services, to continuously improve the training of our staff and to adapt to the changing requirements of the insurance community, most especially in areas such as “top up” insurance and fraud prevention.



Telephone: 01444 849 566

Out of hours: 0207 993 2391

Please note: MDS do not offer insurance or broker services