MID Error and Warning Codes

The MID returns two different kinds of codes in response to our submissions. These are Error Codes, such as E020 and Warning Codes, such as W001.

Error Codes indicate that the record referred to has NOT been accepted by the MID. The Error Code indicates the nature of the issue which needs to be corrected in the source data, and the corrected record resubmitted to the MID. For example, E020 indicates that the VRN is not an acceptable UK format. The VRN should be corrected before resubmitting the record.

Warning Codes are informational only. Records with Warning Codes have been accepted by the MID and require no further action. The Warning Code refers to something that may be worth further investigation, for example, W022 indicates that the supplied VRN has been marked as scrapped.

The download file below contains the MIB’s full list of error and warning codes for submissions to the MID.