Motor Data Solutions is replatforming its MID1 processes, starting 1st October 2019. These changes will:

  • Improve data validation, providing immediate feedback on reception rather than having to wait for the MID to respond.
  • Update and expand reporting.
  • Ensure implementation of MIB’s future requirements for Class of Use and Permitted Driver settings.
  • Support API and Secure File Transfer across all clients, where appropriate.
  • Provide for future dated (delayed send) MID updating.
  • Positions MDS to interface with the new MID which is being considered as part of MIB’s consultation process.

MDS is contacting clients as they are included in the replatforming process, and will work with individual clients to identify and minimise any impact. There is no need to contact us in advance – we will ensure that you are contacted in plenty of time

During this period (which we anticipate will be finished during Q1 2020) we may have to limit the amount of change we are able to apply. As ever, we will endeavour to provide our usual responsive service but please bear with us if we have to schedule any changes around the replatforming

Over the Christmas period, 1st December to 31st January, we will apply our usual end of year change freeze, which will run alongside the replatforming activities.

Should you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us on